e-Registrar Solutions (eRS)

The e-Registrar Solution (eRS):You are welcome to our world of e-registrar solutions. The various products presented have been carefully designed to meet the needs of contemporary investors, clients and market operations in the Nigerian Capital Market. It is indeed a generational shift; a marked departure from conventional share registration service delivery. 

The portal allows access to information, anytime and anywhere; which now forms an undisputed benchmark for e-Share registration services in West Africa. 


The product is designed for shareholders convenience. It grants real time access to your investments and personal information such as:

  • Detail of shareholdings
  • Detail of dividend payment
  • Certificate history
  • Shareholdings by securities type
  • Shareholdings by account
  • Shareholdings by company
  • Transaction history
  • Statement of account
  • Daily current value (N) of your investment in any our client companies.

Additionally, you can also enjoy the following shareholder service bouquet:

  • Online mandate: You can give and change your e-dividend mandate instructions anytime online.
  • Online change of address: You can change your address online.
  • Online dividend request: You can make online requests to claim your outstanding dividends.
  • Online certificate request: You can make online requests for your outstanding certificates from the convenience of your home or office.

Accessing the SharePortal eliminates the need of visiting our offices for enquiries, statement of account printout and other requests.


As authorised representatives of our Client Companies, the ClientHall portal grants access to view real-time data-base as it relates to the register of members of your company and other related details, including:

  • Total shareholder data record (by percentage, and by unit)
  • Shareholder structure
  • Range analysis of the shareholdings
  • Shareholder dividend and certificate details


The BrokerOnline portal offers Stockbrokers access to our virtual dropbox, e-lodgement, and online real-time verification services.

The product has a built-in tracking system for brokers to easily track movement of lodgments between APR Plc and the Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) without having to visit our office.

The 'Verification Tracker' is dedicated to online monitoring of the progress and status of every lodgement by the stockbroking firm.

Other features of the product include:

  • Transaction history
  • Verification status i.e. verified or returned
  • Details of item(s) lodged for verification
  • Date verified
  • Date forwarded to CSCS
  • Details of verified certificate(s), and lots more.


RightOnline is an online gateway for applying for and processing Rights acceptance and renunciation forms.  Shareholders are able to view details of on-going Right Issues and download their duplicate Right form. The Right form is personalised with the shareholder’s details as follows:

  • Account number
  • Name
  • Address
  • Units held
  • Rights due, and
  • Amount payable on full acceptance of right

On-going Right Issues by our client companies are always available on the RightOnline portal.

The RightOnline gateway is accessible to all shareholders who are registered on the e-Registrar Solutions platform for shareholders.

How to subscribe

Please contact us via:

   E-MAIL: info@africaprudentialregistrars.com

   PHONE: +234(0)708 060 6400

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: Africa Prudential Registrars Plc | Twitter: @APRPlc

   WEBSITE: www.africaprudentialregistrars.com


Application form for SharePortal (eRS Application Form) is available on the download section of this website.


How to activate your account

Once you have been activated, you will receive your logon details by e-mail and SMS

  • Return to this website; www.africaprudentialregistrars.com
  • Click the ‘e-Registrars Solutions’ tab at the top left corner of the homepage to sign-in to your account with your activation details.
  • You will be prompted to change your password and set your personalised security question on your first login.

Where to Find Us

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