Executive Thoughts


Africa Prudential Registrars has a near 40 year cumulative experience in share registration business. Between 2006 to date, we have automated more than 85% of our business processes; the import of this is that we have succeeded in compressing the time and space of doing our share registration business through an appropriate blend of technology and innovation. As such, we have capacity to take-up the registers of corporate firms, blue-chips companies and administer their registers in record time, seamlessly, with very minimal manual intervention.

The Strength of Africa Prudential Registrars has been her people; self driven and visionary, processes that are constantly reviewed and appropriate blend of technology. The result is innovation. It is not accidental that our business slogan is “…leading the change”. We are pioneering.

Our Board of Directors also consists of professionals in different fields with undisputed wealth of experience in the business world. In addition, the pedigree and the experience of the crop of dynamic management team of the company have significantly impacted positively on the business, as reflected in the historical financial trend, which we believe will continue in the foreseeable future.
A close look at our historical financial performance evidently avers the dedicaton of our management team as the business has remained profitable amidst internal and external challenges. The following are key indicators of our financial prowess:

  • Increase in Revenue from N564m in 2010 to N1.034bn in 2012, representing 35.4% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate).
  • 100% increase 2012 PBT of N0.640bn as against 2011FY performance of N.311bn.
  • Consistent growth in shareholders’ fund from N1.6bn in 2010 to N2.3bn in 2012 to help sustain our business and increase profitability.

Our ROE continues to improve year-on-year; a clear indication that Management is focused on extracting value from resources and enhancing returns for shareholders.

We believe that our key success factors have been the quality of our people, technology, and processes. There is no doubt that these factors will enable us to continue successfully as a service company.

Thank you.

Peter Ashade Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

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