Our Core Values


We have a passion for extraordinary results and strive for excellence in everything we do taking a disciplined approach to achieving our goals.

Emotional Intelligence

We show regard for people's rights, dignity and feelings. We emphasize respect for our fellow man and consider the potential impact of our emotions on others.


We consistently surpass customers expectation because we deliver on our brand promises.


We challenge ourselves to find innovative solutions with a "can do" spirit, and we follow through to the end.


We work together to create superior value for our stakeholders, leveraging on our strengths to harness the potential inherent in mutual relationship

Africa Prudential Registrars

We are a leading share registration service provider in Nigeria. We specialise in qualitative, customer-friendly service delivery for corporate organizations.

Awards International Quality Award


Our activities are geared towards simplifying once cumbersome traditional methods of doing share registration business. Our processes are technology-driven for effective and efficient service delivery.


We have over 30 years of share registration experience in the Nigerian Capital Market.
These have afforded us opportunities to participate in various offers, including IPO, Right Issue, Debenture, State and Federal Government Bonds, etc.

Investor Relations

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Carefully designed to meet the needs of contemporary investors, clients and market operations in the Nigerian Capital Market.

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